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Prp Application

What is PRP Application?

Genetic factors, stress, malnutrition, use of wrong products, staying at inner areas for too long, environmental factors, alcohol and smoking, vitamin deficiency, and hormonal reasons may cause hair to get thinner, weaker and to be shed.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is the liquid rich in thrombocyte, acquired by dividing the blood drawn from the patient by a centrifugal machine from coloured cells. With this procedure, blood is decomposed. In other words, a part of red cells in the blood containing approximately 200.000 thrombocytes per millimetre is separated, therefore a gel containing up to 1.5 million thrombocytes per millimetre is obtained. This gel named PRP is injected to the region required. Hairs which weakened, lost their colour and became thinner gain their vitality with this thrombocyte application, their colour revert back and a noticeable betterment is achieved in shedding.

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