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Microcannular Vaser Liposuction

What is Microcannular Vaser Liposuction?

Visuality has been a part of our live at any age in different details. While fatness is acceptable at one period, the size zero is the goal at another. Today, aesthetic integrity and harmony is preferable. However, regional fat deposition on which genetic factors also play role may lead to aesthetical problems. If the desired outcome cannot be reached despite diet and intensive exercise, "LIPOSUCTION" which is the most preferred out of all aesthetic surgeries will be the solution. In order to take benefit from the advantages of liposuction, opinions of an aesthetic and cosmetic surgeon should be taken.

The term of liposuction expresses fat extraction with vacuum. It isn’t a treatment method for fatness. It is the procedure of removing regional fats with the help of negative pressure using very thin tubes called cannula. Cannulas are placed within the fatty tissues through very small cuts (2-3 mm) and a special solution is injected to the operation site. After waiting for a short time, fat volume is reduced by withdrawing the fatty tissue very sensitively and evenly. Smoothness is paid attention to depending on competence of the doctor.

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