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It is a method applied in treatment of contour deformations particularly on face due to the reasons such as age, genetics, mimics, traumas, wrong cosmetics used. Filling materials are divided into two as being temporary and permanent; and they can be classified as permanent (autogenous), semi-permanent and non-permanent filling materials (hyaluronic acid) obtained from the own body of the individual. Although the duration of permanency of the filling materials differ from person to person and from an application area to another, the ones with an action time for 6-12 months are preferred to the most.

The application areas are;

  • Deformations depending on physical traumas,
  • Radical lines near lips,
  • Nasolabial lines (two side lines between the nose and the lips),
  • Lines over the lips and showing lips downwards,
  • Cheek plumping (cheekbones and cheeks),
  • Forehead lines,
  • Lip plumping…

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