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Breast Lifting

What is Breast Lifting Surgery?

Breasts significant for woman’s sexual identity may droop and lose volume due to birth giving, breast feeding, putting on and losing weight and genetic features. This situation may cause problems in self-confidence of women. Little droops in breast tissue could be fixed with silicone prosthesis used in breast augmentation surgeries. However, most of the time drooping is a lot and skin excessiveness, nipples moving downwards and loss of volume at low neck area may occur. In such a case, the drooping isn’t only corrected with silicone; additionally, skin excessiveness should be removed and nipples should be taken to their proper positions. If the loss of volume at lower neck area is immense, a little silicone prosthesis is placed. Nipples are taken to their proper positions. The trace in this surgery is around nipples and downward from the central line. Marks recover in due course and become close to the skin color by diminishing in size.

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