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Breast Augmentation

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breasts, as the symbols of woman body and fertility, being smaller in proportion to general body structure may create psychological problems. Breast augmentation with silicone which is one of the most common surgeries boosts self-confidence in women and change their psychologies in a good way. Silicone breast prosthesis could be in different sizes and forms. In choosing of the proper prosthesis for you, your body structure, thickness of your breast tissue and the size you desire are considered. By this means, whether the prosthesis should be water drop or ball shaped is decided. Because milk ducts aren’t affected by the breast augmentation surgery, no problems occur in breast feeding. The breast is penetrated through a little cut around nipples or from under the breasts, silicone implant is placed under muscles or muscle membrane. In the recent years, procedures carried on with the use of body fat are also preferred.

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